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Packaged Solutions

6. Blank Pack

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Starting portal with Documents Management only. Ability to purchase other applications as required.

7. Annual Support and Training Pack

Monthly Price
Annual Price
Purchase this pack to avail monthly training sessions for your staff Users and Administrators. Once pack available for each bundle of ten (10) users.

Only Office Pack

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Trivaeo Full Pack

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This pack will give your business access to every module in the Trivaeo suite.  Each module is already tightly knitted to all other applications and modules, so that any information you add, will follow you as you create beautifully simple automated business processes.

Go to "Permissions" in admin and turn on and off the applications you want to use.  Choose from:



Help and Service Desk

Asset Manager

Resource Manager

Projects Management

Documents Manager

Contracts Manager

and more...

Frequently Asked Questions
All individual screens in Trivaeo have the ability to input your information directly from a spreadsheet or CSV file.
Trivaeo provides email support to or you can contact us through our website to see a full Trivaeo service level promise.
Yes. After your initial trial period has finished we will invoice you for your annual or monthly fees.
Trivaeo has no limits on storage, however, we may contact you if database storage becomes too large. A full detail of our fair use policy is available on our website.
Yes. Most list views in Trivaeo have an export facility to CSV or XLS file.
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